Monday, August 29, 2011

For the new followers....

My old blog is but I have moved over to this one and that is why the pictures are labeled with my old blog! I am keeping the old one open in case anyone tries to accuse me of stealing pictures or anything. Thanks for following! :)

TUTORIAL- Lacy Polka Dot Mani

First of all I would like to give a big congratulations to Lindsey who won my giveaway! Click her name to go check out her blog, she does amazing nail art!

Second, a lot of people requested that I do tutorials on my nail art. It would be kind of hard for some of them in pictures but if theres any you guys really want to see I can maybe try and do a video on them?

I didn't realize how HORRIBLE these pictures looked until I uploaded them to my computer. But that's what I get for taking pictures inside with my phone at night time haha. SO I'm sorry for the quality of them.

Let's do thiiisss!

1. Paint your nails with your base color. This is Color Club- Vintage Couture. One of my favorite light pinks! :)

2. In this case I used white but you can use whatever color you wish. I just used the brush of the nail polish and made almost a french tip but instead of being rounded its pointed? I don't know how to explain this. Try to make the lines pretty straight, they don't have to be perfect though because you will end up going over them anyways with the black.

3. Now for this you can either use a nail art brush or you can use the nail art polishes. I used the nail art polishes because I find them easier to use than the brushes. You can also use a dotting tool which is sometimes easier. As you can see, my lines weren't all that great, but they can be fixed after when we do the dots and frills.

4. Now just take a dotting tool or toothpick or whatever you want to use and make the dots. I try to do the dots where I will do a line of dots and then the next line I try to put those dots in between the dots of the other line if that makes sense?

5. Now I just took a fine tip sharpie and drew on the frills. You could try to use nail polish but that sounded waaaayyyy too hard haha. The only problem with this was... it smudged pretty bad. I just tried to be very gentile with my topcoat when I was going over the sharpie part.

You can see the smudging really well here on my pinter and pinkie finger. :(

Dripping Polka Dots

Essie- Mint Candy Apple
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- Bubblegum Pink


Mani Monday- Fruit

GOSH I am bad at posting on time. I'll work on it! This weeks theme for Mani Monday was fruit. I wanted to do something out of the box so me and my boyfriend did some brainstorming and came up with this idea! :)

The colors are pretty basic ones but if anyone wants to know what they are I will be happy to let you know! :)

Kleancolor Holo Pink

I haven't posted in a while! I'm sorry but I've been pretty busy lately. Plus I haven't really been inspired to do anything too exciting with my nails. I want to think of something new to try and do but I'm coming up blank sooo if any of you have any ideas for me that would be great! Haha. Anyways here's Kleancolor Holo Pink.

Essie Watermelon and Nubar 2010

I'm a big fan of the accent nail, as you can probably tell already. This one was kinda boring though... I really like the color though because I actually didn't have any pinks close to it!

Also, I'm posting a giveaway soon! I just have to figure out how to get the questions on to my blog. I used that google docs thing and made it but I don't know what I have to do for that to show on my blog... so if anyone does then please let me know! :)

First attempt at water marbling!

They are kind of messy but I mean, it was my first time trying this! And even though they look messed up I think they are pretty darn cool!

I used:

Color Club- Electric Coral
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- Mellow Yellow
Orly- Green With Envy
China Glaze- Shower Together

Mani Monday- 4th of July!

So, I've been super bad at posting lately. I need to get my mouse buttons on my laptop fixed so it's easier for me to put my blog name on my pictures and such. Anyway! I only took one picture of my nails because I didn't think they were that exciting. I almost want to redo them but it isn't worth it.

OPI- Red Hot Ayers Rock
Sinful Colors- Why Not
Sinful Colors- Snow White
Smaller glitter is China Glaze- Fairy Dust
Larger glitter is Forever 21- Disco Nights

And now since I've been failing at blogging, I decided to show you the kittens my family got! :)

Aren't they cute?! One is a boy and one's a girl so I named them Bam Bam and Pebbles, which suits them perfectly.

It's just another mani monday!

Actually, this is my first mani monday for a facebook group that I'm in. The theme this week was floral! So here we goooo!

Don't be fooled by the last picture, the color is way off in that one.
This is Revlon- Cloud

I thought these two would be a lot more similar!

Thanks for reading!

Nails Rhymes with Fails

These pictures look pretty bad, I don't really have an excuse haha. These didn't last long on my nails anyway. I figured I would show you guys though since I haven't posted in a while. Speaking of which, there was a really bad storm where I live and my house was out of power from Tuesday until sometime on Friday so that's partially why!

I'm sorry I don't remember the names of the colors, they're all basic colors though. The middle finger is just a silver color and then a forever 21 holographic glitter polish over it. I'm pretty sure its this one !

I really only wanted to do this so I could put it up to my face like a mustache haha. On my opposite hand I did a little triangle like a soul patch ahha.

I know this is Rimmel- Steel Grey, the pictures don't do it justice, it's a purplish brown but it looks different depending on the lighting. These pictures look foggy or something though... but you get the idea!

Also, I'm already planning a giveaway! I'm not sure when it will be, but I'm not gonna lie... the prizes are looking pretttttty darn good I think. :) Thanks for reading!

Skittle nails maybe?

Are these considered skittle nails? Or maybe just... I don't know what to call them. YOU tell ME! All I have to say is I enjoy them very much. I wore these for almost a week! That's why in some pictures you can see the wear and tear.

I used:

Essie- Nice is Nice
OPI- Show It and Glow It
China Glaze- VIII
Forever 21- Wild Orchid

The black and white I don't remember the names, but that doesn't really matter haha.

Color Club Vintage Couture

Sorry for so many pictures, but I really loved this and my camera just could not pick up how sparkly and beautiful it was. It looked so much better in person, I'm telling you!

Color Club- Vintage Couture
Sally Hansen- Strobe Light

China Glaze Passion

I saw a picture of some gold nails with leopard print on them a few weeks ago, but I can't remember where I saw it. After I saw it though, I felt inspired! So I went and bought this nail polish. I didn't want to do the leopard print quite yet since I had just done leopard a little bit ago, so I just stuck with my glitter accent nail and some polka dots!

The application was not very forgiving, any grooves in your nails and this will show them. It's pretty streaky so you have to be careful to make it look even. I don't really like how it looks with my skin tone, but I'm thinking once I get tanner I will like it more.

China Glaze- Passion
OPI- Show It and Glow It